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China's bearing industry keeps growing in 2012

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The unveiling ceremony of the award plate for Zhengjia Town, Dongchangfu District, as the “Hometown of Bearing Cage in China”, was held on March 20, 2012. Mr. Hou Jun, member of the Standing Committee of Liaocheng Municipal Committee of CPC and vice mayor of Liaocheng Municipal People’s Government, attended the ceremony and delivered a speech.
It is learned that bearing cage is an important and special industry of Liaocheng, which has experienced more than 50 years of development, growing from small to large, weak to strong. Zhengjia Town, Dongchangfu District is crowned as the “Hometown of Bearing Cage in China” because it holds the highest rank in the size of industrial scale, the varieties and classes of products, and the number of employees. Zhengjia has actively carried out organizational restructuring of its bearing cage industry by means of: integration of the involved enterprises to optimize the allocation of resources; adjustment of product structure to improve product quality; adjustment of technical structure to promote technological innovation; and restructuring of market to adjust the production quality and quantity based on market demand. At the same time, the town will improve its service platform to enhance scientific and technological innovation capability of enterprises, and promote the nurturing of brands to guide enterprises towards strategic shift from quality to brand. The bearing cage industry of Zhengjia will continue to enhance its market competitiveness, grow into a bigger and stronger industry cluster, further promote the reputation of “Hometown of Bearing Cage in China”, and make contribution to a sound and rapid economic development of the city.
Experts in this field predicts that in 2012 China’s bearing industry may reach an output of 21 billion sets, by when the main business income is expected to achieve about 158 billion yuan, 16% higher than 2011. The leaping growth of bearing industry will drive the development of its upstream industry of die casting, which means the domestic bearing casting industry will also make some achievements in 2012.
In the second half of 2011, bearing exports were dropped due to the impact of the euro crisis. But as the European debt crisis is going away, the transformation and restructuring of large enterprises in recent years begins to show initial effects. So this year, China’s bearing exports have been growing. Meanwhile, the increase in demand will promote the development of die-casting industry.

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